For individuals who seek to understand our test results in depth, this chart serves as a conversion table to assist you with the mathematical equations required to determine exposure to a specific weight of product or animal.

Additional conversion information is provided within our test results section – each pet food contains a varying number of grams per 8 ounce volume cup of food. Proper conversions are dependent on these weights being accurately accounted for. The number of grams or ounces per 8oz cup of food is always listed within our test results section (Registration is required).

ppb (aka ng/g) Parts per billion in 1 gram – 1,000ppb in 1ppm (1 ppb = 1ng/g = 1 mcg)
ppm Parts per million in 1 kilogram = 1 mg in 35.2oz (or 1mg/kg)
mg Milligram – 1,000mg in 1g
g Gram – average 4g/tsp 28.35g in 1 ounce
1oz Ounce – Equivalent to 28.35g in 1 ounce, or 8oz in a volume cup
100g Standard measure = Equivalent to the number of grams in a 100g (3.5oz) sample. Measurement may be provided as oz/100g, mg/100g or g/100g
% Equivalent to the number of grams in a 100g (3.5oz) sample
1kg 1 kilogram = 35.2oz or 2.2lbs Measurement may be provided as mg/kg
1 cup 8oz when measured by volume. Varies when measured by mass/weight
L Liter – 33.814oz
dL Deciliter = 0.0264 of 1 gallon
Gallon 128oz or 8lbs
kcal Kilocalorie – measurement of a single calorie May be listed as mg/1,000kcal – meaning the number of milligrams of substance found in 1,000kcals of a product
IU – VitD 0.025mcg of cholecalciferol, ergocalciferol (1mcg = 0.001mg)


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