About the Tests

About the Tests

How we decided what to test
Know Your Pet Food is working towards creating a comprehensive comparative analysis of all categories of Pet Foods. In an effort to merge the most versatile data with the most prevalent products on the market (in other words, the products used by the most pet parents) we utilized the following technique when determining products for testing:

1) 5-20 products per category, depending on public use

2) Our categories – Dry Kibble, Canned, Dehydrated, Air Dried, Freeze Dried, Frozen Raw, Sterilized Raw, Co-op, and Grocery Store Raw (USDA) meats

3) Priority testing is given to brands and skews that are most commonly used by the public

4) Occasionally, outlier products are tested because they represent a growing or impactful niche for a specialty portion of the public

How we set up our tests –
Samples are acquired through retail channels at random. We felt this is the best representation of what ends up in the home of an average pet parent.
– All of our samples are double-blinded for laboratory analysis.
– Our methodology is posted here. This information may be viewed upon registration with our site.

What we have tested to dateRegister to see this data

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